Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year’s Eve! As this last day of the year has arrived, I have been reflecting on this year as a whole. I can remember all of the excitement right before New Year’s last year, and all of the high expectations that everyone had for 2020. While 2020 has certainly exceeded expectations, I can guarantee that it was not in the way we expected it to. We were prepared to party like it was the Roaring 20s part 2, but instead we got a deadly global pandemic, a recession, and a whole lot of other scary things that the 1920s also had. I can’t say that I overall enjoyed this year, but I’m now very cautious about next year. 2020 has brought a bunch of terrible, unexpected things, and we were so looking forward to it, but now I’m afraid it will happen all over again. We were so optimistic about the scales of the universe tipping in the positive direction, when in fact the pendulum swung the other way just to spite us. 

This year, I think we need to start carefully. We don’t want another 2020, and we would actually like some good things to happen. I feel like so many people think that everything bad that happened in 2020 will be over as soon as the clock strikes 12 tonight, which just isn’t the case. I say we walk respectfully and calmly into 2021, and we don’t expect too much of her, and then maybe she’ll give us a reprieve from all of this year’s craziness. I don’t want to see any parties or outings that people are tempting fate with, but rather just a calm evening where the clock strikes midnight, and just another day comes. Let’s just hope our phone calendars actually turn to 2021, and we’re not stuck in a Groundhog-Year forever. 

I wish you all good luck in the new year, and I hope everyone stays/gets happy, healthy, and safe. Until next time!


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