Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Good Place

So my daughter just turned us on to the show “The Good Place” on Netflix.  It’s an interesting premise, told in an amusing way and featuring actors that we enjoy.  So far, it feels like something we’ll keep watching (which, at four seasons, is quite a commitment).

Watching this show got me thinking about humans’ preoccupation with death and dying and what happens to us and all of our stuff after we die.

In terms of us, I haven’t the foggiest what happens to us when we die.  There are so many theories about heaven, hell, limbo/purgatory, etc., it is pretty darn confusing.  Does anyone really know whether heading TOWARD the white light or AWAY from it is the correct way to go?  I sure don’t.  I’m guessing it will be a game-time decision once I get there.  Either that or I’ll just follow the signs.  They have to have signs, right?

In terms of our stuff, there are so many lawyers who make a damn good living practicing in the area of trusts and estates.  This is basically helping people figure out what happens to all of their stuff when they die.  People spend thousands of dollars each year having lawyers draft wills for them.  My immediate reaction to all of this is “Why do you care?”  Sorry to point this out but you’re dead, buddy.  Gone.  Finito.  Left the building—permanently.  Not your problem.

Now after I get all of the snark off my chest, I recognize that obviously, you want to do what you can to ensure that your loved ones are in the best shape they can be to inherit your money and stuff.  Dealing with your death will no doubt be devastating on them so why should they have to worry about the stuff?  Makes sense.  And with a little advanced planning, you can make sure that they get most of you want them to get without having to deal with mundane things like taxes.  Right?  All good.

Of course, right about now I’m thinking the people who created the show The Good Place would be pretty disappointed that a blog inspired by their very entertaining show ended with a discussion of taxes. 

They shouldn’t be surprised though.  Isn’t there a saying that the only sure things in life are death and taxes?  I thought so.



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