Saturday, December 5, 2020

Where Life Begins

I don’t buy that the Church is anti-abortion because they don’t really act like it. Every bit of data we have on abortion rates suggests that the best way to decrease abortion rates is to invest in high-quality levels of sex education and the widespread availability of contraception. And anyone who has ever had any religious education knows that religious sex-ed amounts to, “Never take off your pants. And if you do take off your pants, our big spaceman in the sky will not be happy with you”. That, to me, sounds like someone saying what they need to say to make more abortions happen. 

I read recently about how the church didn’t always have the stance that life begins at conception; they changed it in the latter half of the 20th century. If you think about it, for men and the patriarchy, conception is the perfect loophole to say where life begins. Because if human life starts one second after conception, then abortion is fine and they can’t control women’s bodies! 

But if life begins before conception? Oh dear. That means that every time a man ejaculates, he commits genocide. In that case, men commit genocide in their sleep, literally. That’s why conception is the perfect split second of a moment to say when life begins. The church can control women but still masturbate. 


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