Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Creativity To Burn

As a stay-at-home mom, I luckily find myself with lots of opportunities to be creative.  Whether it is creating interesting programs for my girl scouts or hosting fun parties or doing PR for our school community, creativity finds its way into everything.

One of my most recent ways to exercise my creative muscle is through photography.  To clarify, I have always been an amateur photographer.  However, I have now taken to trying a little exercise on Instagram: throughout the summer, I tried to take pictures of different types of flowers every day and then I post one a day.  This is actually more difficult than it sounds.  One can run out of flower species pretty quickly. And time, too!  Trying to make each photo unique and interesting becomes a whole other layer.  Also, you’d be surprised how just making the time to take a specific type of picture each day ends up being a challenge.  When we went on vacation for two weeks, the project became easier – new continent, lots of outdoor activities, etc.  Going to a botanical garden also helps.  I do give myself a little leeway in that I might take several in a given day and then just post them over the period of a week.

What I like about this particular charge is that it also forces one literally to stop and smell the roses, to take time to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Another benefit I have noticed is that my Insta friends have really been enjoying my efforts.  So they get to enjoy nature on a daily basis as well.

I tried this challenge in the fall, and hope to try it this winter.  But somehow summer just sings with great photo opportunities. 

What inspires you?  What gets your creative juices flowing?

- Eve