Friday, December 21, 2018

My Favorite Flowers

In light of a 60-degree winter solstice (and also partially due to the fact that I was sitting on my bed trying to come up with a blog idea and noticed the bouquets of flowers on my dresser), I have decided to write about my favorite flowers (I know it’s out of season, but you get what you get and you don’t get upset). So here is my Friday-night-at-the-beginning-of-break, secret-Santa-exchange-is-in-a-few-hours mad drivel about flowers. Enjoy!

1. Day lilies
Day lilies are great statement flowers, and they come in different colors which is great for making bouquets coordinated with other flowers for table centerpieces. Also, they smell amazing, and their smell is so strong that it fills up a whole room, which is incredibly satisfying.

2. Lily of the Valley
Another intensely odious flower, these are some of the first flowers to grow by my driveway in springtime, so if I’m ever walking outside, their smell fills the air and gives such a spring-y vibe. Also, they are my grandma’s favorite flower, which of course makes them that much more important.

3. Dahlias
Dahlias aren’t particularly fragrant to my  knowledge, but I think they are very aesthetically pleasing. They are so geometrical and the shapes of the petals are really cool looking in the way that they grow staggered on top of each other. Also, they come in SO many different colors, which is exciting for an avid table-decorator like me.

4. Poinsettia
Poinsettia are also all about the vibe for me. I am a HUGE Christmas geek (is that even a thing?), so having a flower that I can look at and feel the merry-ness and festivity of Christmas is awesome. Also, their colors are appropriately on palate with Christmas colors. So yay.

5. Allium
I love these flowers because they are really unique. They are super tall (I’ve seen them  grow up to five feet!) and they look kinda like giant dandelions (the kind that you blow) or like the Truffula trees from Dr. Seuss’s stories. They make a really cool aesthetic lining our street and driveway, and I’ve never seen anything else like them.

-- Holly


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