Monday, December 24, 2018

My Current Favorite Musical Artists

There have been a couple artists I’ve been enjoying quite a lot lately, and so I figured I’d write about them. 

1. Khalid
Khalid has had a few big hit songs in the last year or two, including Location and Young, Dumb, and Broke, and he just came out with a new album called Suncity. Anyway, his voice is totally butter-smooth and he does a lot of cool stylistic riffs and twists in his songs. I also just generally like a lot of his songs, so I’ve been enjoying his music very much lately. 

2. Billie Eilish
Although she is very indie and alternative, she’s becoming more mainstream now over the last two years. She’s actually younger than I am, so it’s really impressive that she has such a big following. But her music often has cool beats and rhythms and her voice is nice to listen to, so she’s another person I’ve been streaming on repeat lately. 

3. Bing Crosby 
Obviously I’ve known about Bing Crosby forever, but as the Christmas season rolled around this year I got Spotify, so I was exposed to a bunch of Christmas songs that were either new or I hadn’t heard in a while. Consequently, I have really been enjoying Bing’s version of What Child is This/The Holly and the Ivy on repeat. 

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but happy holidays and Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating!

-- Holly

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