Sunday, December 2, 2018

Girls' Day

Hello all and welcome back! (I’m sure my Dad said that yesterday, but whatever). I figured since I had such a fun and busy day yesterday, I would write about it today. A group of friends and I went into the city (the New York one) to have a girls’ day together. We were originally planning to go skating at Bryant Park, but one of the people who was supposed to come got sick and it felt wrong to skate and take lots of cute pictures without her. So, we decided to go shopping. We went to Urban Outfitters (my favorite store— I will accept gift cards. Please contact for where to send them :) ) and then H&M. I got two pairs of socks and a coat that I’m very excited to debut. Then we went to lunch at my favorite Thai place called Pongsri (which I’ve written about in a previous year — see for more details). I got a hella good salad and the best wonton soup ever. After that, we got little mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa. They were soooo good. Then we went to see the musical Waitress. It was my third time seeing it, and Leslie Odom Jr.’s wife is playing the main character (if you don’t know who Leslie Odom Jr. is you’re doing life wrong). She was amazing and I bet their children will have voices of the angels. After the show, we took the train back home, and then I slept over at one of my friends’ houses. She has an adorable 2-year-old sister and we all sat on her couch watching America’s Got Talent compilations and it was a great end to a great day. Anyway, that’s it! See you all in 2 days :)

-- Holly

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