Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What Counts As Christmas Music?

In this passage I am going to answer the age old question: what counts as Christmas music? 

My expert opinion, as a avid Christmas music-listener, is that one can understand the comparison between Christmas songs and Winter songs by thinking about the classic “square vs. rectangle” comparison (all squares are rectangles, but some rectangles are not squares). Following this analogy, all Christmas songs are winter songs, regardless of content. This is primarily due to the fact that Christmas is indeed during the winter season. For example, our annual band song, Sleigh Ride, is both a Christmas song and a winter song. 

In contrast, not all winter songs are Christmas songs. The prime example of this is Let it Snow. The song never explicitly says anything about Santa or Christmas, but does consistently reference snow, which, as you may know, happens during the whole winter season. Therefore it is a Winter song, but not a Christmas song. 

In conclusion, Christmas songs are squares, winter songs are rectangles, and My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music is neither a Christmas song or a winter song just because it says the word “snowflake” one time. 


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  1. Wait, but Sleigh Ride is NOT a Christmas song! If anything, it's a birthday song, as there is a birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray. But there's no Christmas. Just lovely weather.