Saturday, December 29, 2018

Five Pets I’d Like to Have

Five Pets I’d Like to Have

(This is assuming that all mystical creatures exist, and that any animal/creature you have as a pet is completely domesticate-able and will cater to your every whim).

1. Teacup Pig
This is my number one pet that I want so much. They’re so ridiculously adorable, and they’re smart — as smart as a 3yo toddler. And they make such cute squealing and snorting noises (much less abrasive than barking in my opinion).

2. Bear
Having a bear as a pet would be awesome because when it was a baby it’d be like a little living teddy bear. And then when it grew up it’d be like a giant cuddly bed/mystical protector like in a fantasy video game.

3. Deer
This goes along with the fantasy warrior companion thing, but I feel like deer aren’t so incomprehensible to have as a pet. They’re kind of similar to horses and other barnyard animals. That’d be cool though.

4. Dragon
Now we’re venturing into mystical territory. Anyone who’s watched Game of Thrones has thought of what it would be like to have a dragon. I would love to have a big scary dragon to avenge me to my enemies and protect me, and then also a little pocket dragon (see the fourth Harry Potter movie) to sit in my shoulder and sneeze fire adorably.

5. Phoenix
I feel like phoenixes are an underrated mystical creature. It would be SO cool to hold your arm out and have your magical fire bird swoop down to land on it. Also they have other cool powers besides being firy so that’s good too.

-- Holly 

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