Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day!

I feel like this “holiday” takes on a whole new meaning when it falls on the same day that one needs to put out the paper recycling – which it did for us.

Anyway, in addition to opening many boxes wrapped in pretty Christmas paper yesterday, I also got to check out a big box of family photos. There were sooo many photos that we couldn’t get through them all in one sitting. 

I absolutely love old photos, especially ones of family.  I like the clothes, the settings and/or occasions the photographer deemed noteworthy, the food on the table, the cars people were driving back then, and so on.  Many of the pictures contain people that are no longer with us.  These are extra-special to me since they provide a glimpse of who they were.

All of the photos I’ve perused thus far have been great, but one that is coming to mind the most right now is one of my father in a row boat.  This timing of this photo preceded me so I never knew the rowboat nor the house that was built next to it by various members of my family.  In the picture, my father was actually bailing out the boat.  I think it just had some residual rainwater in it, not that it was taking on water or anything.  He is smiling in the picture hence my conclusion about just a little rainwater. 

Another photo that is staying with me is a picture of my brother with four of his best buddies at the time (at the age of 4).  Each boy is sitting on some form of serious 4-year-old transportation circa the 1950s: bikes, little scooter cars, etc.  They all look primed to start racing at any moment, right towards the photographer.  The whole scene is just such a moment in time of childhood fun. 

My next goal is to sort through and organize all of the photos chronologically.  I am looking forward to further examining this time capsule!

- Eve

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