Saturday, December 22, 2018

My Favorite Songs I Discovered (for myself) this Year

When I say “discovered” I mean it in the same way Columbus discovered the Americas. As in I didn’t really discover them. I discovered them on behalf of the 15th Century Spanish government. De nada.
Good Times by Matt Duncan 2010
Did I mention that not all of these will be from 2018? Whoops. A friend of mine showed me this song and it really captures the idea of “Happy-sad”. Kind of like the ending of Inside Out where Happiness and Sadness make a happy-sad memory and all is beautiful. This song nails that feeling for me.
WESTWORLD by Evan Giia 2018
Nothing to do with killer robots and that’s surprisingly a good thing. The only thing that’s killer about this song is its drop. Lol. It also seems rather under the radar at the moment but like it would be popular if more people listened to it so that’s kind of neat.

 Jane by Jefferson Starship 1979
Jane could have my favorite guitar solo of all time. I think that’s an important thing for a person to be aware of- their favorite guitar solo. Occasionally I’ll hear songs I think that they’d make an awesome soundtrack to an action sequence in a movie. This is one of those songs. Give me an epic superhero fight scene to Jane or give me death.

 Dan Bilzerian by T-Pain ft. Lil Yachty 2016
If you couldn’t tell from the rock and indie songs listed above, rap and hip-hop aren’t exactly my go-to. That said, holy shit is this song awesome. I’m generally bad at listening to song lyrics so mostly I appreciate the aggressive DUN DUN (listen and you’ll understand) but when I looked up the lyrics… yikes. Let’s just say they don’t exactly contribute to the feminist movement. Also the part where T-Pain cleverly says “them hoes can sick a duck”. If one looks closely, they can see that the bard subtly implies what he means but avoids actually saying it by changing the sounds. A poet walks amongst us.

Tubthumping by Chumbawamba 1997

 Funtimes in Babylon
This is just peak indie/sadboi. Listen while alone. Big fan.

-- Rudolph

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