Monday, December 26, 2022

A Comprehensive Ranking of my Family Members

When I don’t know what to write for the day I often default to a ranking, usually of my favorite books, shows, and movies. Today, I give you a comprehensive ranking of my (nuclear) family members.

#1 My mom. Does a lot for the family, very giving and kind.


Also #1 My dad. Nice man, loves his family. Does a lot for them.


Also #1 My sister. Silly goose, brings good vibes to the house. 


#2 Our dog, Mickey. Not alive, been dead a long time actually. I’d give her bonus points for being completely silent for the last 12 years, but I did used to have to clean up her poop, so minus a bunch of points for that.


#3 My brother. Not real, don’t have one.


#4 The turtles that we used to have. They pooped a lot as well. Haven’t seen the three number ones poop ever; that’s the main reason they’re number one. 

Thanks for reading!


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