Thursday, December 1, 2022

Hot Or Not?

 Hot Or Not?

Hello and welcome to Holidailies 2022.  For you newcomers, this a seasonal blog my family writes each year.  The goal is to post a new entry every day from December 1 through January 1.  I just checked and this is the 11th year my family has done this.  Eleven years!  For my son (who writes under the pseudonym Rudolph), this means he has been participating for half of his life.  For my daughter (writing under the name Holly), it is even more of her life.  Any topic is fair game and looking back at entries for past years provides an interesting time capsule of what was on each family member’s mind at a given point in time.  We thank you for checking it out and hope you find something interesting here.

Today’s topic is “Hot Or Not”.  And I’m not referring to looks.  Do I look that superficial to you?

I’m talking about body temperature.  I’m one of those people who runs hot.  Think of Heat Miser as my spirit animal.  Not sure what made me this way but this has been the case for most of my adult life.  Depending on the season, this can be either a curse or a blessing.  When the weather is chilly, I’m everyone’s favorite person.  Family members always warm their hands on my hands or want to snuggle up on the sofa to warm up.  Cold feet always find my feet to take away the chill.  I’m like a human electric blanket and happy to play this role.

When summer rolls around on the other hand, nobody wants to be anywhere near me.  “Don’t touch me” is a constant refrain.  I would be more offended if not for the fact that I know my temp is this way.  I also take solace in the fact that before long the season will change again and I’ll be back in the favorite position before I know it.  Let’s hope global warming doesn’t muck with this system.

I know that some people have certain things that tell them when they are getting sick.  For me, this is my internal furnace.  It is rare that I get cold but when I do, it is usually my early warning detector that my body is fighting a cold or other illness.

So how about you?  Are you perpetually warm or cold?  Or better said, are you hot or not?

Thanks for reading.


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