Friday, December 23, 2022

The Bonus Round

As readers of this blog may remember, today marks what would have been my father's 89th birthday.  89 sounds quite old to me.  It's hard to imagine what my father would have been like at that age. 

Here's the thing -- this year I turned older than my father was when he died.  

When your father dies at the age of 56, you spend your life wondering how much time you'll have yourself.  This has had a major impact on me.

I live my life making sure to find enjoyment in every day.  I try to smile, laugh and learn something each day.  I plan bucket list trips each year.  I spend time with the people I want to spend time with and don't put it off.  Even during the pandemic, we made sure to email, text and zoom with as many friends and family as possible.  I tell my wife and kids that I love them everyday.  I grew to appreciate every day and took none of them for granted.

Now that I'm older than my father lived to be, I have no expectations for what comes next.  I like to think of it as entering my own personal bonus round.  It's actually kind of exciting, don't you think?

Thanks for reading.  Happy Birthday, Dad!


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