Saturday, December 10, 2022

Rudolph's Top 5 TV Shows for 2022

Good year for TV.  So much content to consume.  Here are my top 5: 

House of the Dragon

Had some ups, some downs, but ultimately a very entertaining time. This was event television and I had a great time sitting down to watch with a group of family members or friends.

The Bear

The lead character was my Halloween costume! This show was a fun surprise. Great performances, great ensemble, emotional ride.

The Rehearsal

One of the most original shows I’ve watched in a long time. This show suggests it’s going in one direction and then completely doubles down and then subverts and explodes it’s premise. Hilarious and harrowing.


What a surprise! I thought this would be an unnecessary Star Wars prequel but it had no business being this good?? Really makes you appreciate that every other Star Wars property is for families. Andor is for the grownups and it is awesome.


I haven’t binged a show this hard in a long time. Great performances, wild twists, and a highly original Sci Fi premise. Cannot recommend enough. 

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