Saturday, December 17, 2022

Christmas In July?

I went to the mall with my daughter today.  It’s eight days before Christmas. 

Ooof!  Big mistake, right?  Actually no.  It was busy, but not super crazy. 

At one point we were in one of the flagship stores in the mall.  I turned to my daughter and said, “Where are all of the people?”  “What people?” she said.  “All of the Christmas shoppers,” I replied.

Now I’ve read that unemployment is at one its lowest points in the last 50 years.  Inflation was not as bad as originally anticipated.  The economy is improving.  So again I ask, “Where were all of the people?”

Maybe everyone is DONE with their Christmas shopping?  I guess it is possible.  I heard someone say this morning that they don’t understand why people don’t do their holiday shopping in September?  If that’s the way they feel, then why not shop in June and July.  Nothing gets those yuletide feelings flowing like 90 degree temperatures and the jingling of the ice cream man’s bell a few blocks over.  Unless everyone on your list is getting swim suits, flip flops and sunscreen, it’s hard to knock off your shopping so early.  To me at least, the shopping is a necessary part of the holiday season.

Maybe people haven’t started their shopping yet?  I guess that’s possible too.  Tomorrow is one week out and maybe a short fuse is what most people need to kick their shopping into high gear? 

Maybe everyone moved to online shopping?  I guess it is possible.  During the pandemic people shifted much (most?) of their spending to online platforms.  Maybe the convenience of that stuck and people haven’t returned to the stores?  I recently read that spending on Black Friday/Cyber Monday hit a three year high.  Almost back to pre-pandemic levels.  I’m willing to bet that is what’s going on. 


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  1. My vote is for online shopping. As an introvert, stepping foot in a mall during December used to be my definition of hell. There's no way I'd go back to that when there is any alternative, and I'd bet most introverts feel the same way.

    1. I'm with you. I did all my shopping on line too (Of course part of the reason was that I was recovering from surgery, but I would have done MOST of it on line even if I could go to the mall)

  2. Probably depends on where you go. Target and Walmart were pretty swamped with long lines last weekend, but other stores were reasonably not that bad. I went to another Target and TJ Maxx just today and the amount of people in line were reasonable/fairly short. I dunno.